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IT Expert Poncho Alvarez Joins i-NETT to Share Expertise and Help Businesses Scale Securely and Profitably

April 12th, 2023 by admin

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20 Year Industry Veteran Joins i-NETT as Senior Account Manager

LOS ANGELES/VENTURA/ORANGE COUNTY/SAN DIEGO – i-NETT a leading managed technology services provider (MTSP), announced today that Poncho Alvarez is joining the team as Senior Account Manager. Alvarez brings over 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry to the team and he’s excited to help businesses scale their organizations as efficiently and profitably as possible. With many business owners lacking a sophisticated understanding of the latest advancements in IT, Alvarez will serve as an educational resource and voice of clarity in the space. Alvarez has a background of analyzing new products/services on the technological horizon and he is excited to help prepare business owners for new trends. His driving intention is to simplify the complex world of IT and to educate clients on how they can use technology to position themselves for success.

Alvarez brings a strong track record of anticipating key technology trends that will directly impact business owners and he prides himself in positioning his clients to thrive while competitors struggle due to their lack of technological foresight. Over the past 6 years, Alvarez educated hundreds of business owners on the importance of migrating their core technology stack to the cloud, before this was common practice. While business owners are always looking for ways to improve the functionality of their IT, Alvarez took responsibility for educating these business owners early-on because he recognized how this evolution could give his clients optimal flexibility, security and scalability, which he knew would be critical especially during unpredictable economic conditions. After giving hundreds of business owners plenty of time to make necessary adjustments, COVID-19 hit and nearly every business was forced to adapt and learn how to facilitate a remote/hybrid workplace in a hurry. While Alvarez’s clients benefited dramatically from his anticipatory strategic thinking, many other companies find themselves still struggling to figure out how to make the best transition possible. In many cases, their lack of awareness has resulted in costly downtime, culture issues and unnecessary IT problems that all could’ve been avoided.

Alvarez is driven to help business owners solve problems before they can be negatively impacted. He stated, “Ultimately, my job is to survey the technological horizon and to prepare my clients for the future. I’m always figuring out new ways to give them a competitive advantage, increase their profitability or to help them scale up or down, nimbly,” stated Alvarez. “While many business owners are experts at growing their business, my job is to teach them what they’re not seeing, yet.” He later added, “One great example is that tons of businesses are trying to figure out the answer to the cyber security question, and there are some really exciting developments in AI that business owners need to know about. While there are tons of headlines that talk about how cyber criminals are taking advantage of AI for malicious purposes, there are just as many opportunities for businesses to catalyze growth if they learn how to harness AI for their own success. My aim at I-NETT is to do what I’ve always done, which is to do my absolute best to educate and empower my clients so they can thrive and simplify their lives through technological insight.”

Alvarez has already begun supporting small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) who are interested in leveraging technology to solve their most frustrating day-today problems. He encourages any business owner, existing client or not, to reach out to him in case he may be able to share knowledge, connections or resources to clarify IT issues. “Whether or not someone becomes an i-NETT customer is a secondary aspect of my mission, which is to serve the business community by sharing my expertise. That’s what I’m passionate about and if the worst-case scenario is that I help a few extra people, I’m good with that,” concluded Alvarez.

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