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Take your Hotel's Communication Network to Another Level with i-NETT

July 22nd, 2022 by admin

A female hotel employee helping a businessman check in.

Having a good communication network in hotels is very important. It makes the calls between the guests and the staff members easy and smooth. Therefore, it is essential that a hotel has an exemplary telecommunication network for optimized and seamless communication between the people, staff and other places.

The telecommunication system in the hotels has personalized IDs for all the rooms. This helps the staff figure out which room they are communicating with. Furthermore, it enhances the hotel's customer care and allows them to provide the best guidance and help to their customers.

i-NETT and Hospitality System

We understand the importance of having a good hospitality system in hotels. This is why we ensure that you get the best system to have superior communication. We provide the best technology and services; we are also professionals who know all the features and functions needed for a good communication system.

So, if you are looking for a company that will provide you with the best phone system for hospitality, then i-NETT is your best option.


The phone systems we provide for hotel's telecommunication is the PhoneSuite's Voiceware system. This is one of the best and most practical systems used by thousands of hotels worldwide.

Voiceware has a breakthrough technology called SIP. This is one of the most advanced ways people can communicate with each other. This eliminates any need to purchase the add-on software for hotels. With SIP, a hotel can establish a stable and fast telecommunication network. It continuously improves the hotel PBX feature without investing in expensive equipment.

The best thing about this software is that it has many features. It uses the existing wiring infrastructure rather than making a new one. It is also compatible with PMS and has built-in Call Accounting and a separate voicemail option for guests and staff. Hence, this is one of the most fantastic software options that will cover all the needs of a hotel's telecommunication network.

Features of PhoneSuite's Voiceware

Following are some of the fantastic features of Voiceware:

  1. VoIP/SIP Technology:

    This technology is engineered perfectly to be compatible with all the hotels. It is incredibly flexible and scalable and allows hotels to upgrade cost-effectively

  2. Call Accounting

    This software also allows you to record and report critical information through telephone calls. This system is essential to running your hotel smoothly.

  3. Voicemail

    Voiceware allows the staff and guests to record their voicemail and send it to one another. This feature is beneficial as it increases the efficiency of the hotel. It also allows you to see the caller ID, date, time and even the length of the voice call. You can also save, delete and forward the voice message.

  4. Two Deployment Options

    The system provides you with two different deployment options. One is Hybrid (On-Premise Based), and the other is Hosted (Cloud-Based). You can opt for any one option according to your hotel's requirements.

  5. Safe and Secure

    Another great feature of this system is that it is one of the safest routes. All your information, calls and communication will be protected all the time.

Advantages of Voiceware

Following are the advantages you will be getting if you use the Voiceware software in your hotels.

  1. Voiceware is designed specifically for the hospitality industry.
  2. This system is very economical. This means that it uses the existing infrastructure, reducing the cost of installing the system.
  3. It enables the staff and the other employees to serve the customers and guests as best as possible.
  4. Another fantastic thing about this software is that it will never be outdated. Since it is a server-based technology, you need only to update the software instead of investing in a new one
  5. It also allows direct contact with 911. When a guest or staff member dials 911, the call will be forwarded to the EMS system and include the hotel address, phone number and even the extension number.

i-NETT is a fantastic company that has a lot of different services. One of them is the Voiceware software for hospitality systems. This is one of the best software choices for enhancing the telecommunication of hotels. It helps the staff provide the best guest treatment and allows smooth communication. It is also preferred and approved by major hotel brands worldwide. So, if you are also looking for an outstanding telecommunication network, then Voiceware is a perfect choice. Contact i-NETT today!

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