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Meet Our Team

Since 1982, the very beginning of the deregulation and privatization of the telecommunications industry, Southern Counties Telephone, Inc., dba Teleco, dba i-NETT, a private telecom company, has been serving Ventura and Southern California Counties. Starting from a small cabling and telecom company, we’ve grown as one of the largest and most respected telecom companies in California known for its exactitude in engineering and innovative, solution specific technical expertise.

Dale Stein: President and CEO

Dale Stein, one of Southern California's leading entrepreneurs, co founded Technology Assurance Group (TAG), an international organization of independently owned telecommunications and IT providers, and currently serves as a partner. Dale holds the responsibility for developing TAG's strategic planning and guiding its business development. One of the nation's most sought-after speakers on technology and its impact on advancing businesses. Dale has over 30 years of proven entrepreneurial, business strategy, management, sales and marketing experience.

In 2009, TAG entered into a partnership with i-NETT, an industry leader in unified communications. Dale now serves a central role as President and CEO of i-NETT , located in Ventura, Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego, and is the driving force behind its business development.

Mark Wadnizak: Consultant

Mark Wadnizak is the co-founder, with his father (deceased 1986), of Southern Counties Telephone, Inc. Seeing the trends in communications before they became trends, while President and CEO of Southern Counties Telephone, Inc., in 1983 Mark founded and was CEO of another company called Xenium Communications which invented state of the art software for computer telephony automatic call distribution (ACD) applications, and specifically invented the "call back in queue" software. This and many others of Xenium's advances were later adopted by all major telecommunications companies. Xenium had exclusive OEM contracts with Mitel, a Canadian company and one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world.

Mark's involvement in the telecom industry evolves around his technical expertise, superior engineering capabilities, and efficient customer service applications. Continuing his leadership role in the company, he still maintains his current certifications for Mitel, Inter-Tel and ShoreTel telecommunications systems; he is Cisco CCNA qualified.