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Current Technology Assurance Program (CTAP)

CTAP (Current Technology Assurance Program) is a program that allows i-NETT to offer you the ability to fix your telecommunications costs and stay current with the latest equipment. This allows you to be more productive and service your customers more efficiently.

What is CTAP?

CTAP is similar to a lease program but it enables you to refresh equipment after the second year. If you do not take advantage of the refresh option after year five, you can replace the equipment with a new phone system. This will allow you to take advantage of the latest applications and integration options, many times at no change in your monthly payment.

How Does It Work?

CTAP gives you a fixed cost for service, adds, moves, and changes for the duration of the program. No other vendor can tell you what you will spend over the next five years to service your telecommunications equipment; i-NETT can.

CTAP creates a partnership between you and i-NETT. We have created a position in our company called a Customer Advocate. This person's job is to act on your behalf, keeping you informed about new applications, features, and products that can increase your ability to service your customers better. Your Customer Advocate will contact you throughout the year asking for phone bills and other information to verify you are receiving the services you are paying for and check for errors. This position is our commitment to service you after the sale.

CTAP includes an insurance policy that covers acts of God with no deductible. Your business cannot survive without phones. If something happens, do you have the time to get quotes together for the insurance company? Do you want control over the products you use to run your business? With CTAP i-NETT will get you up and running. You will have one less thing to worry about and can return to your customers quickly.

Why Choose CTAP?

i-NETT has made the commitment to keep our customers on the cutting edge of technology and to keep them informed. The cost businesses incur to keep up with technology whether it is computer hardware, software, office machines, or cell phones are ever present and demanding. With CTAP you are making a solid investment in your organization that will keep you current with technology and preserve your company's capital to invest in your customers.

Some Benefits with CTAP

To find out more about our CTAP program, contact us, or call us directly at (805) 642-3558.