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Offsite Data Backup

Your Solution for Online Data Backup & Business Continuity

In today's knowledge-based economy, you can't afford to lose the crucial business information stored on the hard drives of your company's computers. A traditional local tape drive solution requires an ongoing investment in time, training, technology and supplies, as well as daily user interaction. Managing storage of tapes offsite is a chore, and restoring data lost between storage periods is difficult.

Bottom line, traditional backup to tape solutions are expensive, time-consuming and unreliable.

Now There's a More Effective Solution!

i-NETT automatically and securely backs up all your data – data that resides on every machine on your LAN, if required. And it backs it up directly to the onsite appliance while simultaneously backing a copy to the offsite storage vault, requiring no daily user interaction.

No time-consuming manual programs. No tapes to manage or store. No expensive tape hardware to maintain. You can back up more often, minimizing data loss between runs. This enables the recovery of lost data quickly, either over the Internet or restore up to 30 generations from the local appliance.

Now there's a new bottom line. Simpler administration. Lower backup overhead. The peace of mind that comes from knowing that your business is fully disaster recovery ready. Automatically.

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