About i-NETT Telecommunications Professionals You Can Trust

Mission & Values

As a trusted source of technology solutions, we earn our position as the market leader through quality products and services. Our goal is to educate, empowering our employees and customers so they may maximize the benefits of an integrated technology solution. We offer personalized care to our clients. We pride ourselves in taking the time to explain the purpose of our solution in providing increased profitability and a competitive advantage.

i-NETT has a total commitment to these values, shaping the way we do business for our team members and our customers. Read our complete Mission Statement.

Partner Locations

As a Technology Assurance Group (TAG) company, i-NETT has MTSP Partners in more than 140 markets across the United States (and Canada) that have all met the same rigorous qualifications, training and certifications as i-NETT.

i-NETT Partners Location Map


i-NETT has built a team of professional voice and data specialists committed to the highest levels of customer support throughout the Southern California, Arizona, and Nevada regions. Our Technical, Operations and Sales staffs undergo rigorous factory training from each of the manufacturers we partner with. Our engineers are kept constantly updated on the latest product and service innovations. Our Installation and training personnel maximize system performance by working with customers to achieve optimum user convenience and operational efficiency. Meet our Team Leaders.


The i-NETT difference is more than just a commitment to customer satisfaction, it's a guarantee! Our Smart Care, Smart Care Plus and Smart Care Premium Maintenance plans are the most comprehensive in the industry. Our overall commitment to meeting and exceeding our customers expectations has resulted in a 99.7% Customer Satisfaction Rating.


i-NETT understands the critical role technology plays in the smooth operation, growth and success of every business. By working with each customer to establish a technology strategy based on the highest quality product and service standards, i-NETT ensures optimum return on your overall technology investment, providing a competitive advantage that keeps your business one step ahead.