Web Security

Advanced Protection Against Web Threats

The MX Logic Web Defense Service is a fully-managed Web security solution that delivers effective protection against quickly-evolving Web threats like spyware, viruses and phishing attacks and incorporates technology to prevent unauthorized Internet activity. End users are protected from threats, while IT administrators gain peace of mind, visibility and control over Web usage, and spend less time repairing computers corrupted by malware.

Benefits to You

  • Improve Employee Productivity – Reduces computer downtime, unproductive Web surfing, network congestion.
  • Reduce IT Costs – Frees IT staff from threat management, enabling them to focus on core business needs. Fewer Spyware and virus infections mean less PC rebuilding, cleaning, and maintenance, better PC performance, and fewer Help Desk calls.
  • Improve Security – Blocks malicious code like spyware and viruses, and by protects your users from fraud via Phishing attacks.
  • Reduce Liability – Lowers the risk of confidential information leaks from spyware, and lawsuits due to exposure to offensive content.
  • Increase Web Usage Visibility – Enables administrators to determine how their users spend their time on the Web.
  • Enforce Corporate or Regulatory Internet Use Policies – Provides tools that help administrators to establish and enforce appropriate filtering policies.
  • Identify Problem Users or Spyware-infected Computers – A wide range of reports enable administrators to observe usage patterns and identify installed "phone home" attempts by spyware.

Our rapid activation process enables you to immediately begin protecting your business from a wide range of Web-based threats. In as soon as one business day you will start to benefit from reduced IT-related costs and liability, and increased employee productivity.