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Best Collaboration in the Cloud by i-NETT

June 9th, 2022 by admin

Two businessmen and a businesswoman using video conferencing technology to speak with a businesswoman.

The world of business has evolved over the years and, in many aspects, has become far more convenient. One such aspect is meetings between clients, conducted in person can now be replaced by conference calls or video calls.

This has benefited companies in many ways. From reducing travel costs to discussing matters and solving problems within minutes, companies have found ease and excellent efficiency.

However, while video calls have made life more accessible, the constant internet connectivity problems still stand today. But with i-NETT Cloud Video Conferencing, this may not be a problem anymore.

What is Cloud Video Conferencing?

Cloud video conferencing is a fantastic option for conducting business meetings with clients who are far away. This method allows you to have video conferencing with clients and enables you to upload and share your files on the cloud server for both parties to review.

This is a convenient and easy method to interact and conduct meetings, and all you require is a stable internet connection.

i-NETT - The Best Cloud Service Provider for You

While video conferencing does have many benefits, finding a service that sits well with all your needs and requirements is complex. i-NETT provides you all just that under one roof.

This cloud service allows users to sync and use their clouds on all devices irrespective of the software the machines uses. Moreover, the company works on agnostic principles, giving companies great flexibility to move from one server to another depending on the needs and situation.

The company has been operating for years now and has worked to be active the best. It has regulated its policies and worked on its shortcomings to serve people the top services in the frame of work. With so many qualities and excellent services, there aren't the only benefits that i-NETT offers, but there are so many reasons why you should opt for us.

Why Should You Opt for i-NETT for Cloud Video Conferencing?

While you can still talk to people far away to discuss matters over the phone, the credit you lose is pretty massive. Moreover, cloud video conferencing offers users the ability to talk face-to-face, which is pretty convenient when discussing business matters. Apart from being very convenient, there are several benefits cloud video conferencing offers. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Work-Life Balance

    Employees in this age, while doing work, also like to have a proper work-life balance. This allows them to focus appropriately on their work, give their best, and have a social life.

    Moving to the cloud will give you just that. With files under one place and meetings that are so easy to conduct, employees can work and call from anywhere. So, you don't have to be bonded to your desk or go for an in-person meeting all the time.

  2. Lowers Cost

    The best part about using a cloud service with i-NETT is the cost you will save. Before using video conferencing or such cloud services to conduct meetings, companies from different parts of the world had to meet to decide the terms of collaboration.

    However, the service has made companies far more efficient and productive and saved on the travel costs.

  3. Control and Security

    What makes i-NETT different and far better from other cloud video conferencing services is the control and security we provide to our users. We understand how vital any data is for a company and how losing it can cost millions.

    Our service provides complete control and security to users. We offer full control and IT auditing access while also securing users' data from the breach of any hackers or cybercriminals.

  4. Stronger Data for Better Connectivity

    The services of i-NETT work with the Mobile Pathway Protocol technique. This means we provide excellent security to our users and offer an ideal connectivity option.

    The Mobile Pathway service offers its users a secure and safe fire port which allows more robust connectivity. Once users connect with other users through stable internet connectivity, this fire protocol service works to make stronger connections to achieve a better video conferencing experience.


i-NETT is working with many clients providing outstanding services to all. So, if you are a company searching for an active and efficient cloud video conferencing service, you know where to find it now. Contact us today.

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