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April 14th, 2017 by admin

When you're running a business, the last thing you want to waste time on is figuring out how to pay for every telecommunication system change, training, service, update, and troubleshooting. Then there is the hassle of sourcing new equipment to replace outdated systems. As soon as you start hearing about the benefits of one model, it feels like it's already time to look at newer ones. Researching the right solutions for your particular needs can also take a lot of time and energy, even if you have an IT department handling those topics. Even worse, most phone troubles and replacements can't be planned much in advance and often blow the budget, while causing issues for your cash flow.

Voice Smart Networks suggests a solution - for a fixed monthly fee, you can enroll in our Current Technology Assurance Program (C-TAP). We ensure that you are using the latest equipment, either through a regular refresh or full phone system replacement. You can also look forward to unlimited training, moves, and changes - where most companies charge you for these each time. You'll enjoy priority service, replacement of defective equipment, remote support calls and programming, plus much more.

Why would we offer all of this? Voice Smart Networks believes in building a strong partnership with our customers. We want you to know and plan for your IT costs over the next few years, while resting easy knowing that we're here to help. Our Customer Advocates and technicians are always available to answer any questions, discuss technical features, check for errors, and provide all-around support.

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