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Fostering Technology Adoption with K-12 Schools

November 15th, 2013 by admin

Many of today’s teachers use outdated technology, which not only robs them of much-needed functionality but also incurs unnecessary expenses during tough economic times. Voice Smart Networks is actively spreading awareness about several of today’s technology advancements which increase a school’s capacity to collaborate, establish continuous communication channels and most importantly, improve overall campus security. These developments are affecting the lives of students, teachers, faculty, administrators and parents alike. Voice Smart Networks allows schools to make best use of targeted group messaging. An example of this in action would be if a basketball game were being canceled, all patrons, students, athletes, officials, parents and transportation could immediately be notified of the cancellation, instead of having to coordinate with everyone separately. Furthermore, these messaging functions also ensure that the sent messages are delivered, received and read by the intended recipient, adding a new element of clarity. Read about more ways that Voice Smart Networks is helping schools.

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