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How Unified Communications Strengthen Your Remote Workforce

June 14th, 2020 by admin

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Working remotely presents many challenges for businesses to tackle if they are to make the switch. One of the biggest being enabling employees to make calls from the new home workstation like they had never left the office. Many businesses typically think it's impossible to have their remote workforce contact clients and take calls, when in fact that simply isn't true. By utilizing a unified communications solution form i-NETT your remote workers can have all the convenience of a modern office phone right at their fingertips.

Get the Most with Zultys MXIE

We offer the Zultys MXIE (Media Exchange Interface for End Users) for unified communications. This intuitive desktop client seamlessly integrates and manages all communications functions in a single app. This allows employees to control all their phone calls (via desktop phones or a softphone), use Visual Voicemail, see the presence status of others in the company and so much more. It also lets them control all calling functions through the MXconnect feature.

With MXconnect, they can both make calls and be contacted at any phone they want. As it allows for any SIP, analog, mobile, or even a home phone to be to designate as the phone with the office number. They can even use MXIE's internal softphone feature and turn their computer into an active phone as well. Combine that with Twinning, which promptly lets them switch between one phone and the other, and they'll be able to send and receive calls from anywhere at any time.

Some of the other key features included with the MXIE:

  • Supports any OS: Windows/Apple/Linux and thin clients
  • Create Call Handling Rules to manage call routing
  • Buddy lists and speed dial
  • Remember every call and IM (logs, call recording)
  • Record all Calls from any phone

While switching to a remote workforce can be challenging, it's far from impossible or impractical thanks to modern technology. By using a unified communications solution with i-NETT, it will be like your remote workers never left the office. Call us today and get the solution that will strengthen your workforce.

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