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i-NETT Has the Security Solution That Your Company Needs

October 13th, 2022 by admin

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If there is one thing all businesses are highly particular about is their security. A secured business is a successful business; there is no denying this. However, with the changing times and evolving technology, hackers have found significant ways to not only get into your systems but disrupt them severely too. Then accidental mess-ups by the employees are another ball game; hence, data recovery and managed security become important.

i-NETT is a team of hardworking and highly skilled members who work day and night to ensure their valued customers get the best service possible. We understand that any business's main forte is its security because data is its asset, without which they are bound to fail.

With the best services for security and exceptional integrated technology, we provide the best of the best when it comes to managed security. Want to know what some of our exceptional managed security services are?

i-NETT's Managed Security Services

Security isn't one aspect, but it is the name of protecting different parts of the company. Our services cover the numerous components of a business that need to be protected. Here are all the managed security services that we offer:

  • Network Security

    Network security is one of the most critical aspects for any business to protect. Without improved network security, any third party or hacker can quickly get into your network system and steal your data.

    This breach in security can open your company's data to bad actors and cause massive losses for your company. Hence, ensuring this system is protected through i-Nett's impeccable service is one of the most critical aspects for any company.

  • Email Security

    Email spams are one of the easiest ways to breach any company's privacy. It only takes opening a wrong email or trusting an unknown source to fall into a trap that can cost the most crucial of hacking to occur.

    Email Security provision is one of the essential concepts that i-NETT ensures. This is because we know businesses work 24/7 and communicate through email, and because of the high usage, it becomes the easiest target. While many people are wise to ignore spam or sketchy emails, there are times when it can look so professional that you fall for the trap. i-NETT will protect you against all such attempts.

  • Web Security

    Websites can be hacked as well. Any great company with a functional website to help customers access their products or items easily is bound to have attempted hacks. The intrusion can cause the website to hold content or wording unrelated to work or cause the website to become inaccessible.

    Web security is one of the most important aspects to protect, and i-NETT provides the best web security service.

  • Email Archiving

    Besides email security, email archiving is one aspect that i-NETT provides. The email archiving protocol provides one of the best ways for people to skim through unwanted emails.

    Email spamming is real, and the more important ones can be missed between all these unwanted emails. We'll ensure that your important email remains visible while the others get archived.

    Therefore replying to essential emails will become quick, and no critical company updates will be missed.

  • Offsite Data Backup

    Data backup is one of the most important aspects of any company. Data backup ensures that the data can be quickly restored in case of data losses, which allows productivity to remain high.

    Data losses can cause your company to lag behind on work and give your competitors an edge over you. How so? Many business industries are saturated, so the competition among them is tough. Suffering downtime sets your company back and allows other companies to gain an edge over your business. With i-NETT, we ensure that your business suffers minimal downtime.

Contact us today if your business needs to increase its security and ensure its data is protected.

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