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i-NETT Helps Businesses Be Efficient While Working Remotely

May 8th, 2020 by admin

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As companies have transitioned to a remote workforce, they are finding that there are adjustments that need to happen in order to remain productive and efficient. There are tools that businesses need to utilize to keep employee collaboration and communication working as efficiently as they did while working in the office. Tools such as Microsoft Teams and Azure will ensure companies can communicate and collaborate effectively.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams allows businesses to collaborate in real-time, which is a significant benefit for a remote workforce. Your business will see increases in productivity by making all of your collaboration available in a single app and interface. You can hold virtual meetings, share files, and tasks so your employees can stay up-to-date on new business objectives.

Microsoft Teams also compartmentalizes information into channels, which will allow your employees to focus on the information related to their job or current task. This will increase productivity as your employees won't need to sift through information that isn't pertinent to their job.

Microsoft Azure

Businesses need a secure platform to host all of their operations and data, and it needs to be highly accessible. Microsoft Azure allows companies a secure way to store and access all of their data. Microsoft Azure's data centers are highly redundant, which will help your company be better able to handle any disaster that occurs.

Microsoft Azure is highly scalable, which allows companies to adapt to their busiest seasons. Companies won't need to make expensive hardware investments in order to meet demands; they can do it with a click of a button. And if businesses find that they need to downsize, they can do that quickly and efficiently as well.

Microsoft Azure has numerous security options, including threat detection, DDoS protection, and encryption. Companies can rest easy knowing their data is highly secure and stored in redundant data centers.

At i-NETT, we have been working remotely and understand the challenges of learning how to work from home. We know the best practices and understand how to implement them so your company can be productive and efficient. Contact us to learn more.

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