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i-NETT's Cloud Solutions Lower Costs and Increase Productivity

August 5th, 2020 by admin

A blue cloud with a silver and blue server in front of it

Now that your company is working from home, it is time to consider how you can increase your remote employees' productivity. At i-NETT, we believe that Microsoft Azure, Office 365, and SharePoint increase productivity, profitability, and your business's disaster recovery.


Microsoft Azure provides a highly secure environment where you can safely host your data network. Keeping your data in the cloud increases business continuity, so if something happens at your office, your employees can quickly move computers home and continue working with no interruption in productivity. Additionally, with Office 365 and SharePoint, your employees can share files and edit documents in real-time. Enabling this high-level of collaboration will significantly increase your employees' ability to work effectively from home.

Microsoft Teams will increase the effectiveness of communication among employees. Video conferencing provides a better medium to discuss projects, or work through challenges compared to email or a phone call. The screen share feature allows programs or documents to be displayed to customers, and having the added visual stimulus will help convey the value of your products and services.

Cost Savings

Moving to the cloud and remote work will lower the costs associated with leasing office space. In most cases, we've been able to help our clients reduce their office size by 30-40%, which presents a significant cost reduction.

Besides reducing the monthly costs related to the office space, your business will save money on server maintenance. Since you'll no longer need on-premise servers, all person-hours devoted to maintaining your infrastructure can be allocated to other pressing concerns.


As a manager who has only managed employees while in the office, it can be challenging to adjust to managing a remote workforce. We have been training companies on the best practices to manage a remote workforce. We believe that learning the best remote management practices, along with the tools and applications provided by Microsoft will increase your organization's profitability.

At i-NETT, we are committed to helping companies successfully transition to the cloud and a remote workforce. We believe that providing your employees with all of the tools and applications to communicate and collaborate effectively will increase productivity and your business's profitability. Your business will also be prepared to handle the next disaster and won't have an interruption in business operations. Contact us to learn how our cloud solutions can propel your business towards a more productive and profitable future.

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