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Peace of Mind with our Current Technology Assurance Program (CTAP)

February 1st, 2018 by admin

Customer Service

Are you concerned about the cost of maintaining your equipment and technology? Stressed out over training new employees or wondering what would happen if your telephone system was suddenly compromised? Here at Voice Smart Networks we understand how important it is to have the latest technology and support to keep your phone systems running smoothly. This is why we offer our CTAP (Current Technology Assurance Program) to keep your costs fixed so that you can focus on what’s most important— running your business!

When you choose CTAP you’ll gain the ability to have unlimited moves, adds and changes so long as they don’t involve structured wiring, giving you confidence and flexibility. We will provide you with access to unlimited training so that you know your team is always taking advantage of the technology at their fingertips. Choosing CTAP also provides you with an annual preventative maintenance visit to give you peace of mind.

With CTAP we not only make it possible for you to have the latest technology in order to take advantage of the best features available but we will also provide you with your own Customer Advocate. Your Customer Advocate will ensure that you are always getting what you’ve paid for and that you always know about all of the latest features and products available so you’re never left in the dark. Where else can you find that kind of dedication to your success?

If you aren’t convinced yet that CTAP is the best option to keeping you on the cutting edge, check out what else you can do with CTAP!

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