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Stay Connected with Cloud Conferencing

December 1st, 2023 by admin

A person holding a mobile phone with a video conference including other coworkers

Phone calls have been the most preferred way to touch base with clients and colleagues. However, when the discussion expands beyond getting regular updates and yeses, cloud video conferencing is a better tool equipped to handle all your collaboration needs.

The former offers one-on-one interactions, which can limit your reach compared to the latter and other digital methods.

Following is a short guide on cloud conferencing and how it benefits a business:

What is Cloud Conferencing

Also known as cloud video conferencing, cloud conferencing is a technology-driven solution that enables businesses to conduct meetings, communicate, and collaborate online. It leverages cloud computing and the internet to facilitate real-time interactions through text, audio, and video.

One of the biggest benefits of cloud conferencing is that it allows individuals to join meetings with their preferred device, such as a mobile phone, tablet, or computer. An example of cloud conferencing software is Cisco. Cisco Webex is known for its security features and is commonly used for large-scale webinars and events. It offers a range of collaboration tools, including white-boarding.

Now that you know the basics of cloud conferencing, let's take a look at how it helps you stay connected:

Cost Efficient Solution

Cloud conferencing reduces travel expenses, as meetings can be conducted from anywhere with an internet connection. This is beneficial for companies with international clients and remote teams. It also gives you access to a large pool of talented individuals with whom you can work on a contract basis.

Saves a Lot of Valuable Time

Meetings can be scheduled and conducted quickly, eliminating the need for participants to commute to a physical location. Businesses on tight schedules benefit from this significantly.

Remember, virtual meetings require participants to be mindful of meeting etiquette, such as avoiding distractions, sitting at a table rather than in their bed, and muting their microphones when not speaking.

Opportunity for International Collaborations

Since the conferences take place in the cloud, you can connect with a potential client with just a click. This allows you to collaborate with businesses operating internationally and build strong professional relationships.

Foster Teamwork

Cloud conferencing offers features, such as collaborative tools and screen sharing, that allow employees to brainstorm, review campaigns, and work on projects simultaneously, just as they would if they were physically present in the same room.

This fosters better teamwork and project collaboration, regardless of physical distance.

Allows You to Conduct Large-Scale Meetings

Cloud conferencing solutions are scalable, allowing businesses to adjust their conferencing capacity as needed. Whether it's a small team meeting or a large webinar, the technology can accommodate the requirements.

Disruptions Don't Matter

If you can't make it to the office because of an emergency or an accident, you can attend the meeting from the comfort of your home.

Helps Train New Recruits

Cloud conferencing allows you to conduct live, real-time training sessions.

You can use this platform to create structured modules with presentations, documents, and video content. These modules can be delivered systematically to ensure that new hires receive a comprehensive understanding of their roles.

Cloud conferencing also offers the option to record training sessions. This is incredibly useful for new recruits, as they can revisit the material at their own pace. It's a valuable resource for them to reference when they encounter challenges in their daily work.

Host Virtual Networking Events

Cloud conferencing allows you to bring together professionals in your industry on a single platform. You can request experts to make a virtual appearance, which is more doable for them, rather than attending an event physically. Make this a regular occurrence to foster a sense of community.

Selecting the right cloud conferencing platform is crucial to ensure a smooth and effective experience. Consider factors such as the number of participants, features required (e.g., screen sharing, recording, and integration with other software), and the platform's ease of use. Evaluate your needs and budget to make an informed choice.

It's essential to maintain a secure environment in your cloud conferences. Set up password protection for meetings, use waiting rooms to vet participants, and be cautious about sharing sensitive information.

High-quality video conferencing consumes a significant amount of bandwidth, which can be a concern for those with limited internet access. This is why you need to ensure you have high internet speed so that meetings run smoothly.

i-NETT offers affordable cloud video conferencing with video systems, including Cisco, Logitech, Sony, Lifesize, and Polycom. We use a secure firewall traversal technique to eliminate difficulties in off-net conferencing.

If you want to learn more about Cloud Conferencing, contact us today.

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