The Transformation of Voice Smart Networks – Part 2

October 17th, 2011 by admin

Voice Smart Networks was invited by Channel Partners to share our transformation story. Over the four months of September through December, Channel Partners will cover more of our experiences, including:
  • How we made the change
  • How we benefited from transformation
  • How we have been challenged by transformation
  • Next step(s) in transforming away from transactional sales
This is Part 2 of the ongoing story, if you haven't already, please go read Part 1. How did you make the transformation away from a transactional business model? We’re still making the transition as this is and has been the biggest challenge. We started by hiring what we thought was the talent we needed to be successful, only to discover it is extremely difficult to find all the necessary talent in one person. With this, we hired two individuals with computer and networking backgrounds and proceeded to develop courses for each of them. Technology Assurance Group (TAG) was instrumental in our training program, as is MSP University. The learning phase is still an ongoing process, starting with the sales force on to the technical staff. We also partnered up with an outside MSP for help desk services and use them as a source of knowledge when presenting solutions to our customer. In addition to the staff we hired and are still training, we started to develop a different marketing strategy, as we were known as a phone provider. Our ads and Web page, plus our press releases, now reflect the data side of our business. Original Source

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