The Transformation of Voice Smart Networks - Part 3

November 1st, 2011 by admin

Voice Smart Networks was invited by Channel Partners to share our transformation story. Over the four months of September through December, Channel Partners will cover more of our experiences, including:
  • How we made the change
  • How we benefited from transformation
  • How we have been challenged by transformation
  • Next step(s) in transforming away from transactional sales
This is Part 3 of the ongoing story, if you haven't already, please go read from the beginning. How did you make the transformation away from a transactional business model? First and foremost, the most positive benefit in moving to this model is the relationship we are able to establish with the account. We are perceived as bringing more value to the account especially as we meet and discuss their business and how we as a vendor will be able to assist them in their growth. We have truly become a trusted adviser for the accounts we have been able to penetrate with new services. At this point, we are not concentrating on new customers; our focus is letting our existing customers know our new model and establishing ourselves with them. It has also led to increased business in our [telecom] and carrier support departments as our customers realize that we can increase their profits and give them competitive advantages. We further have a stronger relationship with the managed services-based customer, and that leads us into more opportunities to serve them. We have only [presented] this service to about 10 percent of our base and it has given us the opportunity to grow at a pace that is controlled, which has helped the profitability side of the transaction. Original Source

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