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What's new with Voice Smart Networks?

March 15th, 2012 by admin

So what's going on lately here at Voice Smart? We're continuing to expand and deploy SIP at an accelerated pace, and have met our goal of having 100% of every transaction that we're doing now be SIP based. We've reach the point where we're looking for new space in the Orange County area. Our cloud services offered for call center reporting are as complete a package that you'd ever want to see, and that's allowing our ACD to truly expand. Many of our new clients are call-center-centric, which fits well with our product offering. One good example is a transportation company who we've delivered technology that allows their drivers to have immediate access to schedules and routes through their smartphone. On the training side of things, we've worked with our partner, Judy Mckee, to put together an online training program for call centers and have made that available to our customer base. Oh yes, I almost forgot. We had set a challenge at the 2011 TAG convention in San Antonio, TX regarding Zultys sales. So how did we do? Voice Smart Networks was not only the #1 producer in TAG for Zultys consumption of product, we were #3 in the country!

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