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Zultys Release of Version 16 and ZAC 7 Feature Enhancements

September 23rd, 2020 by admin

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Zultys recently announced that Release 16 for MX-SE, MX-E, and MXvirtual platforms is available to download for all Zultys customers with active subscriptions. Zultys also introduces version 7.0 of ZAC (Zultys Advanced Communicator), a single application for all the collaboration features necessary to help employees working across multiple locations.

"With Release 16, Zultys is taking another step towards providing a full omnichannel Integrated Call Center product to our already robust UCaaS suite," said John Osgood, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Zultys. "In these unprecedented times, having an easy to use collaboration tool in a single pane of glass is more important than ever. Zultys offers our customers a way to unite all of the methods they prefer to communicate from where ever they are, in a single secure solution regardless of their chosen deployment method."

Zultys is Now HIPAA Compliant

Zultys offers HIPAA Compliant solutions to any customers in the medical field who are legally obligated to only use business tools that are Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant and require formal Business Associate Agreements (BAA) to be executed.

Zultys MX Release 16 includes improvements to system security that are part of the Technical Requirements for HIPAA. With these product improvements, Certified Zultys Partners can deploy the MX system as part of a HIPAA compliant environment. Zultys has enhanced all operations in the data center to be HIPAA compliant as well. Medical customers who prefer to pay monthly for a hosted solution can have the peace of mind that any potentially sensitive information on their phone system is handled with the proper level of care.

"Having a UCaaS solution work in any capacity within a medical facility without the proper HIPAA compliance is an unnecessary risk to your patients and practice" said Mr. Osgood. "Zultys has gone through great efforts to make sure that along with our partners, we can raise the bar on the competition and execute a true Business Associate Agreement, ensuring patients and practices that do business with Zultys and their partners are fully covered."

Voicemail Transcriptions Save Time and Improve Experience

Zultys has added a voicemail transcription feature that will enhance the way companies manage their voicemail messages. The MX system can now automatically transcribe audio messages. A ZAC user will see both the audio file and its transcription in the voicemail screen. The system can automatically send emails to the user's inbox with the message transcription in the body of the e-mail as well as the audio file in the attachment. Save valuable time, and read through the salient part of the voice message immediately.

Security Improvement for HIPAA Compliance and Beyond

The new security features implemented as part of HIPAA compliance will benefit customers in other vertical markets, as well as businesses in the medical field. Release 16 includes more secure password requirements, data retention policies, and a log to easily track who had access to the MX system.

SMS Messaging Now Available for All Deployments

For a quick and convenient way to message external contacts, Zultys customers can send SMS messages. SMS messaging is available through ZAC for Windows and Mac and Zultys Mobile Communicator applications for iOS and Android devices.

ZAC 7.0 – The Collaboration Tools You Need

With ZAC 7.0, Zultys has united all the collaborative tools that companies need. Share your computer screen with another user or with multiple coworkers in a group chat to get everyone on the same page.

Invite people who are not members of your organization to join a group chat in ZAC. The external users can exchange messages and join a screen-sharing session the same as internal Zultys users. You can start a chat session with an individual outside the organization through ZAC, and utilize screen-sharing if needed. ZAC now also supports Call Attached Data (CAD). This feature allows an agent to take notes on their call right inside their communication application. Notes can be in free form or structured with pre-configured questions. When a call is transferred, the CAD notes are included, so the next agent who answers the call will know what the caller is looking for.

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View the Zultys v16 Release Manual

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