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Managed VOICE Overview

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On-premise or Cloud VoIP phone system

Managed VOICE, whether Hybrid (On-Premise-based) or Hosted (Cloud-based), is a VoIP based virtual phone service where all phone system hardware and software is owned and managed by Phonesuite (think cloud computing)!

Why go with a Managed VOICE solution? It's a worry-free and cost-effective option for hoteliers, who gain a full-featured, low CAPEX offering with an affordable ongoing monthly OPEX. With a true open-architected, evergreen platform, hoteliers can easily integrate and build upon their existing communications strategy throughout their enterprise portfolio of hotels. In addition, the Phonesuite platform is architected for flexibility, redundancy, and scalability so hotels experience seamless installation, deployment and 24/7 support.

Our Managed VOICE solution includes the following:

The Voiceware Platform

Voiceware is Phonesuite's software-based VoIP phone system (IP-PBX) application designed specifically for today's hospitality communication environment. It is a proven solution that has been deployed in over 5,500 Select-Service, Full-Service and Luxury/Boutique hotels over the past 25 years... and counting.

Engineered to be extremely scalable and flexible, Phonesuite is designed to meet the ever-changing needs of hotels without expensive equipment upgrades or disruption to the guest experience.

Voice Platform Includes:

Two Deployment Options:

Onsite Architecture

Managed VOICE is designed with high redundancy and resiliency -- whether Hybrid (On-Premise-Based) or Hosted (Cloud-Based), each platform is architected with the following steps for QoS and rapid failover:

The diagram below depicts onsite architecture design for both Managed VOICE options:

Hospitality onsite Managed VOICE architecture diagram showing how Hybrid (On-Premise-Based) and Hosted (Cloud-Based) Phonesuite solutions work *** Note that in both the above options, Phonesuite onsite hardware is the same, only the configuration changes, which allows the hotelier the enhanced flexibility to move from an On-Premise model to Cloud as they see fit. Phonesuite is the only communication provider who provides this option.

Key Reasons to Consider