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Network Security

Peace of Mind as a Service

Modern business depends heavily on computers. At the same time, criminals are constantly creating new ways to use the Internet for their illegal activities. In spite of these facts, many small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) still lack an up-to-date security solution, which would protect their business environment.

It is smart to choose security as a service. In this way, you can concentrate on business without having to worry about IT security, security settings or software updates. Instead, you can leave security to professionals. F-Secure® Protection Service™ for Business, Advanced version (PSB) makes sure that threats from the Internet do not harm your business: your e-mail is working, e-commerce solutions are not disturbed and your confidential data is protected. In short, your business runs smoothly.

F-Secure solution F-Secure Protection Service for Business, Advanced version protects your business against security threats from the Internet. No hardware or software investments are needed for managing the security. F-Secure maintains the whole solution, and your local IT security partner monitors and manages your computers. This means direct cost savings to you.

Benefits to You

Our rapid activation process enables you to immediately begin protecting your business from a wide range of network based threats. In as soon as one business day you will start to benefit from reduced IT-related costs and liability, and increased employee productivity.

Network & Security Assessment

Receive a complimentary network and security assessment on your business to identify what new threats to protect against, vulnerabilities to mitigate, and best practices your business should adopt.

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