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Powerful CRM and Application Integration

Zultys integrates with a range of third-party applications and CRM applications to improve any business's operations and productivity. The MX system supports Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) with an expanding range of CRM suites and business applications via its standards-based protocols.

Zultys Outlook Communicator

Provides integration between the Zultys IP Phone System and Microsoft Outlook

  • Click-to-call and full call control from within Outlook
  • Presence synchronized with Outlook Calendar
  • Screen pops for Outlook contacts
  • Log in to Operator and Call Group roles and select the role to make an outbound call from

Zultys Salesforce.com Communicator

Integrates the Zultys IP Phone System and the Salesforce.com CRM application suite for full call control from within Salesforce

  • Screen pops, call notes, hold, transfer, and click-to-call from inside the contact record on Salesforce.com
  • Log in to Operator and Call Group roles and select the role to make an outbound call from

Zultys Flex Communicator

Simplifies integration with web-based and traditional CRM and line-of-business applications

  • Integrates with both web-based CRM applications and programs installed on the user's computer
  • Generate Screen Pops for Caller Information on receipt of an incoming call or when placing an outgoing call

Microsoft Exchange Communicator

Allows Zultys users to have their voice mails and faxes automatically delivered and synchronized to their email client on Windows PCs

  • When a user reads or deletes the email message on their PC, the voice mail/fax message state on the MX system will reflect the change

Zultys Microsoft Teams Integration

Adds features such as complex routing plans, auto-attendant, call handling rules, and more to your Microsoft Teams experience. Our telephony solution also brings an additional redundancy level to your business communications with our built-in security features for your peace of mind.

  • Make and receive customer calls within the Teams interface
  • Use ZAC in parallel with Microsoft Teams to incorporate faxing, DVR-style call recording, SMS messaging, Call Groups, and more